Contracted to assist with line planing and development for introductory launch of technical packs for a long time car rack and gear transportation brand. Assisted with sourcing, materials selection and all phases of development. Advised throughout the Go-To-Market strategy development for launch in Spring 2015.  


Moved across the hall to SD's sister company to help lead a renewed excitement for a venerable backpacking brand, seeking new customers and expansion into adjacent product categories. Helped lead a complete re-branding project and right-sized the margin model, leading to financially successful new product launches, renewed brand excitement and 12% gain in revenues within first year.

Sierra Designs

Initially contracted in 2015 to assist with a reboot of the brand after years of lackluster management and product direction. Crafted a  revitalization plan, that resulted in being hired as Brand Director, that led to a tripling of revenue within 18 months and renewed excitement for a once iconic 50 year old brand. Forged innovative commercial partnerships that led to an exclusive cooperative with GOA, the premier retail conglomerate in the outdoor industry. 

Barnestorm Product Solutions

The North Face

Hired to help lead an authentic and technical resurgence for one of the premier outdoor brands. Created a 3 year product launch strategy for technical equipment that assured alignment with key apparel and footwear initiatives. With focus on backpacks, travel goods, tents and sleeping bags, the results were numerous awards and renewed attention to the heritage of a key outdoor brand.

Poler Outdoor Stuff

Helped Poler create a line of outdoor hiking packs, focusing on blending their core consumer aesthetics with key technical features. Led line planning, design, sourcing and development process in conjunction with key stakeholders to produce three styles of super cool packs set to launch in 2015. 

Osprey Packs

Led the Product Planning process for a small, but iconic outdoor pack brand, developing a multi-year product strategy to create a full assortment of "gear carrying equipment". Worked closely with progressive design team to execute cutting edge style blended with simple functionality, at approachable pricing and in a logical timeline.

Over the course of 6 years, Osprey saw meteoric rise in sales and is now viewed as a foremost global pack brand.